Well, now a day most of the new generation is suffering from extra fat problem or specially love handle (i.e. extra belly fat around gut). As most of the people do not care about their belly fat and eat fast unhealthy junk food which results to love handle the problem. There are lots of other reasons also which lay to extra belly fat or you get trapped into love handles the problem. One of the reasons for the occurrence of this love handle is hormone imbalance. Carrying fat around the gut means hormones have greater chances to attack on your body and this can result to diabetics problem, cholesterol problem etc. And all these issues do go vanish easily and get stuck with you throughout your life and you need to take care of these regularly. So, avoid getting fat around your gut otherwise this muffin top will invite the permanent diseases for you.

How to get rid of Love Handles

In this article we are going to discuss about the tips or remedies which are beneficial to get rid of love handles. There are many natural remedies and option of yoga and exercise also to vanish this extra fat around the gut. You need to be dedicated towards your schedule only then you can remove this extra fat. If you did not practice the tips regularly then you will suffer from this love handle and other health issues arise because if this. Let’s move towards the main topic and begin to discuss about “how to get rid of love handles”.


How to get rid of Love handles men/ women fast


Well, the very easy and simple way for to get rid of love handle is taking a healthy diet. Avoid taking access of carbohydrates and sugar. These both are present in large quantity in the fast food/ junk food or cold drinks etc. So, try to avoid all such kind of things like pasta, pizza, bread, baked goods, candies etc. All these results or save around your gut in the form of fat. Now a day both men and women are suffering from these issues because of their diet schedules and daily routine life which do not include any work-out. Most of the persons have sitting jobs. And they have very less time to do exercise or yoga. So, simply he/she can try to intake good/ healthy food at least and you will find positive results by doing this simple thing.


Love handles before and after


To get rid of this love handle you can take challenge of “love handle before and after”. Challenges help you to achieve goals very dedicatedly and you try to give 100% to reduce extra fat around your gut. Take the caption of your before picture and then make a target to achieve a perfect belly and try to implement the proper diet plan regular exercise on time. Continue that schedule every day. If you make habit of regular exercise and proper healthy diet, avoid junk food. All these little things will help you to achieve your goal or target to reduce fat around guts. If you follow these instructions daily you will find out the positive results within a month. And I assure you that you will definitely the desired goal soon and do not skip your schedule after getting required target as there becomes chances to gain fat again. Before and after challenge surely works to reduce love handles.


What causes Love handles?


Now, the question arises what are the causes that results love handles. To get rid of love handles or any problem you need to know about root cause of the issue only then you can resolve that issue easily in a right track. Sometimes we do all the tricks and do not find out any results because the reason behind the problem is not same. So, your first concern should be to find out the reasons which cause love handles.

Love handle can be caused due to:


  • Harmonic imbalance
  • Performing less physical activities
  • Growing age can also be the reason of love handles
  • Thyroid
  • Junk food, food includes high fat, high calories.
  • High cholesterol etc


These are some reasons which can cause love handles. You should be clear about the main reason for your love handle problem. And then take proper cautions to get rid of love handles.


How to get rid of Love handles in 3 days

Well, you can easily get rid of love handles within very short time- period that is in 3 days also. You can take help of natural or home remedies for this purpose. You just need to focus on your food. Like intake Avocado, green tea, nuts, berries, yogurt, grapefruit etc. in your diet Drink a lot of water, early morning running, jogging. 25-30 minutes’ walk can show its results within 3 days on your waistline visible fat. These things regular for three days and you will see the unpredictable result on your body. Green tea is the best option and usage of green tea shows its effective results as it burns the body fat and drinking lots of water make your body hydrated and helps to reduce extra fat. All these tips helps to reduce extra fat and get rid of love handles in short time-period.


What is muffin top?


Muffin top word is used for the extra visible fat above the waistline or around the guts. This muffin top is very difficult to reduce as it the extra fat which does not reduce very easily. But you can get rid of this muffin top by implementing the simple tips listed in this article to get rid of this muffin top or love handles.


Love handles exercise

You can perform regular exercise to get rid of love handles. Here, I’m listing some exercises:

  • Bicycle exercise
  • Crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Side planks
  • Russian twists
  • Rolling plank
  • Plank up-down
  • Bending side-to-side etc.

These are some exercise which you can use to get rid of love handles. Just 30 minutes workout everyday can help you to reduce your extra fat. This also helps you be active and enthusiastic whole day.

So, this is all about the topic love handles I have discussed with you just making daily routine habit of exercise, running and healthy low fat food is beneficial to get rid of muffin top or love handles.

Hope, this article has provided you all the necessary information and you will implement these tips in your life and will surely get freedom from love handles.

Thank you!!!