Lately you have been wondering while looking at your eyes in the mirror that your eyes all of sudden have started appearing with redness also the eyes seem to be swollen along with the tenderness around them and this whole situation is getting even worse when you feel the great amount of pain along with the above-mentioned symptoms.
Well beware you these might be the symptoms of the stye of an eye this is a kind of weird form of an eye diseases which is actually a very common form of eyes and   these days this disease is spreading with a significant pace around the world due to some bacterial infection and due to the choice of lifestyle and the care that an individual gives to their eyes.

Stye of eyes in simple term is caused by an infection that comes from the oil glands in the eye lid. And that infection is caused by several factors the most important of which is a form of bacteria called as staphylococcal bacteria this bacteria is inherently found on the surface of the skin and this bacteria is an integral form of the skin the bacteria does not cause any harm to the eyes on it own but it becomes a threat to the eyes when the certian conditions of the body leads the staphylococcal bacteria to eat the dead skin cells over the skin that form turn into the stye of eyes. This form is generally known by two of its type first the internal stye of eyes and the external stye of an eye.

How to get rid of a stye

Simply speaking the stye of the eye is an infection occurred in the eye leads when the staphylococcal the natural found bacteria on the human skin eats the dead skin cells of the eyelid due to some other conditions of the body. Other than this the stye of the eye is an infection which is also caused by the other factors such as from the stress and the poor diet. Here are some of the solutions available in order to get rid of the stye of eyes

  • First of all just give your eyes a proper cleansing and for that purpose choose a shampoo which is used for babies and is all tear free such shampoos are the best for the cleansing of the eyes. Take that shampoo and mix it with the warm water properly now having that shampooed mix warm water clean your affected eyes with that warm water in the most gentle way and later use the cotton cloth to rub or dry the eyes this  treatment will clean your eyes from all the unnecessary scarp which causes the infection to exist in your eye lids.
  • The other best and the same kind of option is warmth eye compressor in this way take a piece of cotton cloth dip the cloth into the hot lukewarm water and then compress your affected eyelid with that cotton cloth it basically causes the pus cells to be dissolved gradually when you continue using that compressor method. Use this method for 5 to 10 minutes gently for 2 to 3 times a day.
  • If the above mentioned home remedies do not work in your stye of eye then you may resort to one another option available before you.
  • In case of the stye of eyes there comes an antibiotic ointment treatment option you can get this ointment from your local drug dealers and after getting the ointment gently pull your eyelid and taking that ointment apply the ointment gently under your eyelids remember do this task being very gentle to your eyes do not puncture the stye of eye.
    If after the above mentioned treatment none of these treatments works
    for you then, seek the medical attention as soon as possible to you.

Are Stye of Eye contagious

Yes since the stye of eye is an infection based condition of eyes it is contagious and is having a very high chances of getting it spread from one person to another. Staphylococcal bacteria is the leading bacterial form of this infection which causes the stye of eye.

The chances of getting it spread around increases significantly when the mucus from the body of the infected person gets the touch of another person or is rubbed on the eyes then this form of stye is having a very high chance of being contagious.

White bump on Eyelid

If you recently witnessed an existence of the white bump over your eye lid then the very first advice just does not pop it as this is the very first sign of the coming existence of the stye on eye sometimes it comes in the form of a bump and others in the form of pimples.

The very first advice is do not pop it as it may trigger the spreading pace of the stye. You may consider compressing it by the warm watered cotton cloth with a very gentle hand it will dissolve the deposited pus cells in that white bump.

Can you pop a Stye

Strictly saying do not try doing that dare on your eyes when you happen to get a stye on your eyelid just do not play around it since this condition is a very sensitive condition of the eyes and it requires a careful medical treatment or some other home remedies.

Do not pop the stye of eye let it go on in its own natural form popping the stye of an eye will only cause spreading those puss cells around your eyelid which may affect the other areas as well of your eyes.

How to get rid of a stye Overnight

Well treating the stye of eye in an overnight depends upon the severity of the stye of eye if you have recently got the arrival of the stye, or you have just got the symptoms of the stye arrival then yes the stye can possibly be treated in an overnight by the help of some treatment.
Treating a stye of eye just in an overnight requires the adequate choice of treatment and in this regard it is advisable to opt for the oral form of antibiotics tablets which are prescribed to be consumed in this condition.

You can get these antibiotics from your local pharmacy and it is recommended get the topical ointment antibiotics ointment to be applied under your affected eye lid it will boost the recovery speed.

Styes on Upper eyelid


Well as already been described in the article above the stye of eye generally occurs in its two form, the internal stye of the eye which occurs under the eyelid, and the external stye of the eye which occurs on the upper part of the eyelid

Though in terms of appearance these both conditions may appear slightly or completely different from each other, however, the treatment of both the conditions more or less remains the same.

Eye Stye pictures 

Here for your reference, we are attaching some pictures of eye stye you can analyze these pictures carefully and match your symptoms or signs with them and seek the right kind of medical attention on time

Stye symptoms

Well this is the most useful thread of this article which talks about the symptoms of an eye stye since the symptoms of any disease makes the person aware that a particular form of any disease is going to occur similarly in the case of the stye of eye makes the person aware with the following symptoms.

The very first symptoms of this condition include

A severe sense of burnings in the eyes

  • This sense is generally followed by the mild or the severe pain
  • Later with these symptoms you may witness the swelling of your eyes
  • As you rub or even touch the eyes they started turning into as red and as you try to touch them you may feel an extra symptom of tenderness in your affected eyes.
  • You will also notice a lump either on the top or the bottom of your eyelid.