The problem of sore throat is basically not a very typical symptom needs to be worried but it is quite distressful and creates lots of unease which makes it hard to bear. During a sore throat we suffer from different situations like itchy, scratchy, dry feeling in the throat and the best way to get rid from all these unbearable situations is to drink a stream of liquid. In such situation, water plays a very important role and ingredients like honey, cayenne tea, chamomile tea, garlic broth etc contains several beneficial things inside them which will help you in getting rid from the pain and scratchy feeling of your throat and it will become fade just after some first use in the rapid way.

How to Get rid of a Sore Throat

If you are having any pain in your throat then you can go for the lozenges and throat spray which will act like the pain reliever, steam is also one of the good options for it. This will help you in solving the problem of irritation and getting relax with a good sleep, as a sore throat won’t go away easily without actual treatment. During such situation, other infections are easily caught by body so stay away from them and prevent the spreading of them, in any case, if other symptoms persist then contact your doctor immediately before anything serious occur. The people who are suffering from problem of sore throat mostly looks for the answer of how to get rid of a sore throat so here we are going to provide you the same answer.


Causes of Sore Throat

The problem of Sore throat is caused by the same virus which is responsible for the flu and common cold, the problem of sore throat due to any bacterial infection is very rare. Some people also feel the problem of sore throat on one side. There are two type of infections responsible for the sore throat causes:


Bacterial Infection

There are several bacterial infections which can cause the problem of sore throat. The most common among these bacteria is Streptococcus pyogenes or the group A streptococcus which is responsible for the strep throat.

Viral Infections

There are some viral problems which can also lead to the problem of sore throat like:

* Mononucleosis (mono)

* Common Cold

* Chicken pox

* Measles

* Flu (Influenza)

* Croup

There are some other problems which also causes the problem of sore throat which includes –

– Irritants

– Allergies

– Dryness

– Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

– Muscle strain

– Tumors

– HIV Infection


How to make sore throat feel better

If you are also fed of the problem of sore throat and wants to get rid of it then the best effective method for this are sore throat home remedies. There are also various kind of home remedies available online which solves this issue here we are going to mention some of them which are most effective.


* If you feel itchiness or irritation due to sore throat swallowing then you can opt for the gargle. To gargle just simple make a salt water by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water then gargle with this water for few minute this will definitely help you and give you the felling of relax.

* If you are looking over the answer of how to get rid of a sore throat fast overnight then you should go for this home remedy of using vapor rub. Vapor rub is formed with the combination of some aromatic decongestants known as peppermint, menthol which provide soothe to throat. You can either purchase a vapor rub from market or can make one at your home by using this method-


  1. First of all take 1 tablespoon beeswax and melt it down in double boiler.
  2. Stir it by adding the 1/2 cup of coconut oil.
  3. Now, to this mixture you have to add 10 drops of peppermint oil.
  4. After some time it will become perfect to use just pour it in the glass container and allow to cool before using.


* If your sore throat from 2 weeks become worse at night then you should go for the medication as it can cause other problems also. You can take anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or acetaminophen this will make you to get relief from throat pain one side. This will definitely help you in getting relief from the problem in very short time.


What to Eat with a Sore Throat

If you are facing the problem of sore throat then there are some specific foods which you should eat, you should not eat or want to eat. Below we are providing some food items you will like to eat during sore throat:


* warm oatmeal, grits or cooked cereal.

* warm and cooked pasta with macaroni and cheese.

* cooked vegetables.

* fruits or vegetable smoothies.

* gelatin desserts

* mashed potatoes

* milk

* plain yogurts or yogurts with pureed fruits.

* popsicles

* broth and cream based soup

* scrambled or hard boiled eggs

* non acidic juices like apple juice, grape juice etc.

There are some kind of foods you should not eat during the sore throat issue like as of

* crusty breads

* coffee

* fresh and raw vegetables

* crackers

* sodas

* alcohol

* spicy seasonings and sauces

* acidic fruits like oranges, lime, grapefruits, lemons and tomatoes.

By eating these food items you can get relief from such situation and will get the answer of how to make sore throat feel better, it will solve your problem very easily without any other infection.


In this article we have provide you lots of different causes of sore throat like allergies, medication etc. We also provide you some of the home remedies which will cure your throat very early without any further issue. If you are facing the same situation then you can also try for the same home remedies for making your sore throat to feel better and also take care of food which you eat.