These mice and rats mess up your whole home when they get enter into it. They will spoil your kitchen items, your cloths and whole room as well and you become unable to catch them as they are very quick and fast and they can’t get in contact with you and run within few seconds to hide themselves into some home corner and you can’t be that much quick to remove them from your home. But there is solution of every problem and there is solution of this mice problem as well. Here, I will proceed this article on the topic for getting relief from these mice issues and to get your home mice free and how to eradicate this unwanted guest of your home.

How to Get Rid of Mice


There are many chemical sprays, rat traps, bait stations you can use to get rid of mice and easily available in the market as well. you just need to attract the mice with some food items along with the bait and when the mice will eat this bait the poison inside it will work and the mice will die soon. Then the rat traps also works in same way you need to put food item in the rat trap and when the rat or mice come to eat this food item they will get trapped into this and you can throw them outside your home so that they will never ever come back to your home again. Well, these are the tricks you can follow to get rid of mice but from market. All these items are very costly and can harm human bodies as well. So, one should avoid these solution firstly. There are many home remedies you can use to free your home from mice and these home remedies are very much effective and cheap as well. Let’s discuss about these home natural remedies in the below sections.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats in the House Naturally 


These chemical sprays, traps, bait costs a lot of money and are not good for humans as well. as this chemical spray includes a lot of hazardous chemicals if inhaled by some human body can result dangerous effect to human. So, this kind of solution should be avoided at once as there is option of natural home remedies so, one should definitely go for this instead of these chemical costly and harmful remedies. This home remedies are easily available and are effective as well. You just need to keep implement them properly to get rid of mice. Ammonia, peppermint the smell of these items works as mice repellent. The mice are mostly stayed near the corners of the houses you can add the amount of ammonia into jar and place it near the place where there is chance of mice will be present the mice, with the smell the this the mice will run out of your home, but you need to take proper precautions while using ammonia as there should be proper ventilation and keep away from children as well.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls

These mice make their nest the corners and then easily run on the walls or curtains so that no one can catch them. You can use natural remedies as these remedies are non-toxic, cheap, and effective as well. The natural way to get rid of mice you can use kitty litter the mice will think that there is some cat in the home. As the cats are natural predators of mice. And mice will not stay in the place where chances to have cats. So, you can place kitty litter in the places here is high chances of these mice like they have made their nest in the corners of the walls and then when the mice will smell this kitty litter they will have fear of cats and will go back from your home.


How to kill rats

To kill rats there is home remedy for this as well. You can use Plaster of Paris and Cocoa powder. You just need to make the mixture of dry plaster of Paris and Cocoa powder and place this mixture near the places where the mice frequently come. The mice will get attracted by the smell of cocoa powder and will eat this mixture. But soon because of POP it will result the mice to ran in search of water as the plaster of Paris will work as poison for the rats and it will caught the throat and tough to breath soon the rat will die after eating this.

Home Remedy to Get Rid of Rats from the Garden

In the garden we have planted many small nutritious trees and plants and these mice turned all the plants in to the mess and spoil all the gardens. And you can’t use chemical sprays in the garden as it will harm the plants or other eatable items of the garden as well. so, you need to choose natural, non-toxic home remedy to eradicate these mice from the garden. The Onion, work as mouse repellent. The smell of onion hates the mice most. So, you can plant onion in your garden. Onion works as toxic for some animals, the mice is also one of those they run into other direction from the scent of the rotten onions. Place the rotten onions into your garden. Then you can use organic messed potatoes and place where the mice frequently came the mice will eat this but soon the flakes of this expand in their stomach and they will die.

Home Remedy for Rats

You can use peppermint oil; seal the entry points from where the chances of mice to enter in to your home you can use steel wool for this purpose. Mice did not like Ultrasonic sound, the beeping sound irritates them and they can’t tolerate this sound you can use this option. Then you can take help of natural predators. If the mice know that there is owl or cat in this house then they will never come to your home. Fabric softener sheets also work as rat repellent you can use this to get of rats.

These are the tips or remedies you can easily use and available to get rid of mice and make your home clean from these mice mess. Try these natural cheap easy methods instead of chemicals which can harm you also.


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