Are you going to the sense of discomfort in the region of your head?  Are you witnessing a Blurred vision of your eyes? which is followed by some other symptoms such as, the stiffness of your neck, a severe pain in the neck which is making it very hard to you to even move your neck around , and all these signs are making it very difficult for you to focus on anything or even walk on the road properly,

since even the noise of the road is also causing you a very torturing sense of discomfort. Well beware you these may be the signs of headache.


Headache this is probably one of the most common illness in the world that every fourth individual is suffering with although most of the times a headache is a very normal and common illness.

Sometimes when this headache gets severe, it indicates a very serious threat to your health. In simple terms if you understand headache and its causes then it is nothing but a sign of a over activity of, or a chemical imbalance in the region of your head.

The term over activity in your head conveys a form of various harmful activities to your head such as excessive thinking, the tension, form of all stress and the depression,  the excess use of alcohol and any such edible which causes torture to the veins of the head which are very sensitive, such over activity lead to the scenario we know as headache .

Although headache occurs in the various form but the most common form that an individual suffers with is a headache which is caused by the stress anxiety and the tension this is the most common form of the headache in the world.


Get rid of Headache

Well when it comes to the point of getting rid of head headache there are several kind of options of the treatments available to you but before choosing any of such treatment it is very necessary to you that you know the underlying causes of a headache and then remove the formation of the actual root of your headache we’re talking about the solution for the treatment of a headache there comes some home remedies to treat your headache naturally and some of those home remedies are recorded as follow.

These home remedies work as per the type of your head headache so if you’re heading is the one which is caused by the stress anxiety or the tension hot shower or the warm compression of of the cloth which is better by the hot water would help you to relieve you a headache which is caused by the stress or anxiety.

Another home remedy which is best for all kind of headache is Ginger this is such miraculous home remedy to relieve the headache instantly since the Ginger has a property which helps in reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels inside the reason of your headache

  • Here is the method of using the Ginger take a ginger root and make the equal parts of it then put those parts in your tea or in any kind of juice we can also add lemon-lime into it.
  • The Ginger powder is also very helpful for headache take the Ginger dry it properly and then make the best out of it by grounding it put that paste on your forehead and this leave it for leave it for some time it will give you a great relief within some minutes.

Sometimes in fragrance therapy also works and in this regard peppermint oil is best option, A peppermint oil has a properties which opens up the clogged blood vessels of the head.

  • The amazing properties of the peppermint oil helps regulating the blood flow inside the head and the other reason of the body take the peppermint oil and massage your head, and the temples with it, keep its fragrance attached your nose and it will work wonders for you headache.
  • Lavender oil is the next best option for your headache has also the same properties as a paper month old has the scent of Lavender oil has a potential to heal your headache you can massage your forehead and the temples with Lavender oil as well to give you quick relief in headache
  • Other than this home remedies you can try some basic stretches of your neck since when you move your neck it reduces the intensity of the pain Hindi means of your head you can also try some yoga postures suggest The Bee Pranayam give you to relief in headache


How to get rid of Headache at school

Headache is the illness of head which may come across to you without the care of the spot, be it anywhere you may encounter the headache anywhere and the situation become worse for the kids when they encounter the headache at their school since that is a place where the urgent medical attention may take time to reach and meanwhile your kid may get lost into the pain of headache here is the some options available to avoid the headache at school.

  • Feed your kid with a balanced breakfast which may keep him charged for the day since skipping the breakfast sometimes causes a headache issue.
  • Keep him well hydrated the lack of the water in the body stops the proper blood circulation in the head which causes a headache.
  • Keep your child calm do not be harsh towards him in any way it leads your kids towards stress which results into a headache eventually.
  • Those extra servings of cup of coffees to your kids may also cause him headache stay him away from excess coffee .

Other than these options identify the early symptoms of your kids since your kid belongs to you and you may always detect those early signs of headache in your kids, seek medical attention if required.

How to get rid of a headache with the pressure points

Acupressure points is the another best available option to you to treat your headache since the pressure points work by releasing the energy to the blocked points of the body.

There is some certain pressure cause which will help you to relieve your headache in the very first and the effective.

  • There is a  third eye point in a central point between your both eyebrows, press this point by the tip of your finger gently for 2 to 3 minutes within a span of 1 hour it will ease out your headache.
  • There is a pressure point on your both feet the point is located between your big toe and the next small toe from the top of your foot press this point from both of the feet for 2 to 5 minutes.


Home remedies to get rid of a cluster headache


Well as we have already explained in the above section of this article that a headache has several types  and other form of the headache is known as a cluster headache. This is the most painful headache among all types of headache. Here is some home remedies to cluster headache treatment.


  • Deficiency of the magnesium causes the most form of a cluster headache,
  • Magnesium vitamin keeps the overall function of the body in an orderly manner.
  • Melatonin is the best supplement that is used with a cluster headache visit your doctor and get your required melatonin dose.
  • Change your lifestyle if you are living a hectic and a busy schedule get back to the nature, practice meditation and breathing exercises it will help you in a cluster headache.


How to make a headache go away fast without the medicine

Well there are so many options with the help of those you can put your headache away from you. Generally these options lead you towards the direction  of seeking medical attention but what if you provide you with some options of treating your headache without the help of medicine.

When it comes to treating the headache without the help of medicine then you need to just look over your complete Lifestyle, since you need to address the root causes of your headache. There are some areas where you can look at to detect the root causes of your headache.

  • If you are a person who consumes too much alcohol then it is advisable to you just stay away from the alcohol since the excessive consumption of the alcohol leads one towards the headache
  • If you are a person who stays busy almost all the day long in his office kg and the Big Bowl meetings then this ticket day off relax yourself
  • Indulge yourself in some kind of the physical activities it will put your blood circulation in the hair on the normal scale which will relieve your headache
  • if you are a person who lives very fast like and is not having enough time even to sleep for an alligator hrs then it is advisable to you to take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day since slips puts body on maintenance and it treats you had it
  • There come service several of essential oils the fragrance of which soothe your head it is advisable to you to massage your head with her choice.
  • If you are lacking in the magnesium then just take the magnesium rich foods.
  • since the magnesium is important mineral for your body which keeps your overall functioning of the body in a healthy way
  • Too much caffeine is harmful for the headache button occasional sip of coffee can put your headache on relief


How to get rid of tension headache  

Tension headache is one of the most common found form of the headache in the world as the word tension depict in itself that this kind of headache occurs, when you take too much stress on yourself so the relief also goes through the opposite way.

  • Minimize your stress level and give yourself therapy which can put yourself on a relaxation mode such as close your eyes and just rest massage your neck and the temples region.
  • Use some of the Essential oil such as peppermint oil or the lavender oil to massage your head and also as fragrance therapy.
  • Go out on a vacation with your family and have a good l time with them it will vanish your all stress away.
  • Think positive eat healthy and live pure.


Headache treatment at home

When it comes to the treatment of headache at your home there is several options available to you that you can try being at your home

  • Mint juice is one of the best option to try at your home just texted a mint juice from the leaves of mint and directly apply it on your forehead neck and the temples area and leave it for some time take a short sleep you will wake up afresh
  • You can make an ice pack since ice is the best thing to reduce the inflammation of your head veins that causes the headache, you can keep the ice on the back of your neck it will give you some quick relief from the headache.
  • Massage your head neck and the temple area with the peppermint and lavender oil it will sooth your headache in few minutes.