Gnats are the species of flying insects. These tiny insects do not seem to be harmful and we all too some extent avoid these gnats when they are in small in group. But in actual we should not take these gnats lightly. These are very much harmful or dangerous for our health. These tiny flying insects “GNATS” sit on the food items which are uncovered and manipulate all the items. And if to eat that food item then there are very much high chances that you will fall sick due to these gnats. So, we should definitely not take this gnat’s problem as a minor issue but need to implement some tricks, home remedies to get rid of these gnats. In this article we will discuss all about to get rid of gnats. Try these solutions and understand that we can’t take these gnats as a small issue and do not even thing to avoid or ignore these gnats issue as they are not going to eradicate by themselves.

What causes gnats?


Many times when these gnats attack into our home this question arises in our mind that what causes gnats. Well, most of the times the adult gnats stay in the moist sand or plant pot and arrive into our home. And sometimes when we place some food, fruit, drinks uncovered gnats get attracted towards these things or shelter and light are other things around which you have noticed gnats are buzzing. So, these are some common things which cause gnats.

How to get rid of gnats


So, in this article we are going to share home remedies, tricks which are very much beneficial in case of getting free from this gnats problem. These gnats are flying insects and they mainly found in the unhygienic areas of the houses like washroom, plant pots, and near mushrooms kind of places. Well, after they get evaluated they start flying and contaminate the things on which they sit. Their feet are actually gone through many impure places and get collect all the impurity from different places and when they found any uncovered thing whether food item and drinking these gnats manipulate those things.

Let’s begin with the article and explore the different solutions to eradicate gnats from your life permanently.

How to get rid of gnats outside

Do not give chance to these gnats to enter your home just try these solution to eradicate these gnats from outside. In many houses they have back-yard, lawn and garden, when gnats attack on such kind of places then you can’t use chemical solution to get rid of gnats. You need to use that solution which will not harm plants and trees and of lawn as well. Try to avoid fungal growth as sprinkle required quantity of water in the soil. You can use home remedy in the place where these gnats are spread out.


The home remedy is Vinegar and dish soap. You just need to take a bowl of vinegar and add few drops of dish soap in it. Gnats get attracted towards the vinegar but there is dish soap also which will help to trap them. Vanilla is other home remedy which is used as gnat repellent. You can use rotten fruits also. Put them into plastic container and make some holes in it so that gnats can get trapped into the container. Similarly you can use red wine to attract gnats and add few drops of dish soap in this. It is also beneficial to get rid of gnats.

Way to get rid of Fungus Gnats

There are fungus gnats also which damage the soil and seedling plants. These are adult, greyish black in colour. They do not fly very much and get stuck in the soil. There larvae affects the soil and plants. You can use potato slices, vinegar with decorator sand, Chamomile tea, and cinnamon all these are natural remedies you can implement to get rid of fungus gnats and control the larvae of these gnats. As the larvae causes many other gnats and damage the soil.

Get Rid of Gnats in Plants

As I said above section we should avoid chemical repellent as they can affect the area as well. The chemical spray can damage the plants. So if you are thinking to use such kind of spray definitely you should avoid it because whether the gnats can eradicate from these chemical sprays but this can harm the plants as well. Now, you may be thinking of if not to use chemical sprays then what should you can do. Well, there is healthy alternative of this problem is and that is natural remedies. You can use natural or home remedies to eradicate these gnats in plants. Well, you can use soil pesticides, the simple and very good option to nutrition the plants which are getting damaged by fungus gnats. But if your plants are in pot and inside the home then you can use vinegar with the decorative sand and put them in the pots and gnats will not grow in the plant pots and will not harm plants.

Well, these are some basis home/ natural remedies you can use instead of harmful chemical to trap gnats and say Good Bye to these gnats from your home. If you are suffering from these gnats problem you can use these simple tricks and live a life without interruption of gnats. As these gnats have many species which can harm not only plants but human beings also. so, you should need to eradicate these gnats from your home or work place as soon as possible and do not let them come again.


Wish you all good health and prosperity!!!