Chiggers are very small and rarely visible insects which needs magnifying glass to see them, the length of a chigger is around 1/50th of a single inch. The colour of these chiggers is red and is mostly found in the clusters on skin which is best appreciable. In the juvenile form a chigger has six legs and this stage is almost harmless while an adult chigger has eight legs. Here, in this article we are going to learn how to get rid of chiggers as in many conditions it happens that we suffer from chigger bite and looks around to get its treatment. You need not worry in such cases just take some extra care and everything will be perfect.


Pictures of Chigger Bites



The chigger can easily infest skin of any human from the exposed areas of contact with any vegetation like as of collars, shirt sleeves and pant cuffs. Through these areas chiggers may migrate to your skin in search of the area for feeding and one of the common myth related to chiggers is that they burrow and lives below or inside human skin while it is wrong instead of it chiggers feed inside the skin and their they inject enzymes which destructs the host tissue, due to this feeding the skin of surrounding area will become hard and this hardening is known as the stylostome. After it the larvae of chiggers feed over these destroyed tissue and this is also the major cause of itching on skin. So, due to the bite of chiggers enzymes are released inside the skin and causes itchines.


Chigger bite images, here we are going to provide you different images of chigger bite for their proper identification.


Chigger Bite


The bite of chigger is almost invisible and hard to notice, the symptoms of chigger bite are only visible when chigger start injecting the digestive enzymes in your skin and this period is about 1 to 3 hours after the chigger bite. Let us talk about some sign and symptoms of chigger bite they are as follows :


1 . The symptom of itching is one of the common problem in a chigger bite.


2 . The bite area of the skin will become raised, reddened, flat which looks like to the blister or pustule.


3 . The chigger releases stylostome in the skin which causes the problem of itching and it will become very intense in around 1 to 2 days after any chigger bite.


4 . This problem of itching remains for some days and the complete resolution of your skin from chigger bite or lesions will take around two complete weeks.


5 . If on your screen there are lots of chiggers rash then this can be mistaken with the condition of eczema or the allergic contact dermatitis. If you will do a lot of outdoor activities then there are more chances of chigger bite which can become the cause of itching and different skin changes.



Sometimes it happens that bedbugs and chiggers are mistaken same and known as chigger in bed but in reality they both are completely different. So, it is good to avoid both of them because they are harmful for your skin and its tissues.


How long does chigger bites last


Although chigger bites are not very harmful to yourself and does not create any kind of long-term complications but the problem of itching and long time scratching may create wounds or deep rashes on your skin. Most of the people look for the answer of this question that how long does chigger bites last, the durability of a normal chigger bite is around 2 weeks and after this period chigger bites are treated. So, the best option of it is to prevent any chigger bite for this you can simply wash your clothes and hands with soap and water after any outdoor activity so that the any chigger attached to your cloth will get off through these washing.

Identifying chigger bites


As, we have learned lot about the chigger bite and another important thing related to chigger bite is how to identify them. Let us come to learn about it and will let to know whether it is a chigger bite or not. About the chiggers it is told that baby chigger is one which bites while adult chigger are not harmful. When a chigger bites you, it do not show you immediately but after 2 -3 hours you will get the redness or rashes around the area of bite. Sometimes these looks like pimples, blisters or bumps.


Home remedies for chigger bites


If you got any chigger bite then do not worry you can cure or treat it at your home without even worrying just follow these below mentioned home remedies in case of chigger bite :


1. Take a hot shower


Whenever you do any outdoor activity we suggest you to take hot shower with a mild soap immediately after returning from anywhere. This action will completely reduce down any effect of a chigger bite.


2 . Apply ice


You can also use the pack of ice on the bitten part this will provide you instant relief from the problem of itching or in other apart from the ice you can also use the topical cream for example Neosprin.


3. Baking Soda



For this home remedy, you have to make a perfect paste of baking soda with water and then apply this paste on the affected region. This treatment with baking soda is one of the most effective method.


4. Use a Dryer


If you are having a dryer then this will also help you in reducing the itching caused through chigger bite. For this you have to hold a dryer about 5 cm away from the bitten area and then blow there from around 2 minutes.


5. Apply nail polish


Another home remedy for treating the chigger bites is applying nail polish on the affected area for this you have to coat the particular region with help of nail polish as this will help you in not scratching the bite a lot.


6. Ace Bandage


If you are facing the problem of too much itchiness then we suggest you to wrap that particular bitten area with the ace bandage as this bandage will prevent the supply of air and reduce itching.


7. Apply Calamine Lotion



If you want to get instant relief from the itching or inflammation of bite then you can also use the calamine lotion at an affected area which will help you a lot.


8. Listerine Mouthwash


In this another method you have to first of all wash the affected area with help of soap and water now next you have to take a cotton ball and soak it in the Listerine mouthwash and apply it gently with help of cotton ball.


9. Castor Oil


A simple message with help of Castor Oil will reduce the affect and chigger bite and leave you away from the irritation and itchiness caused due to biting.


10. Vicks VapoRub



We all are almost aware of the benefits of Vicks VapoRub and its uses but do you know it also helps in curing the chigger bite. For this, you have to add some salt in Vicks VapoRub and then apply this mixture at the area of chigger bite. This mixture will help you in getting relief from the lots of itchiness due to bite and the best thing of it is to use this mixture during the night and by this, the swelling and redness will lower down till morning.