Bed bugs, the unwanted guests came into our home and they do not need any kind of permission from us. They stay here and turn our home into mess. I think this is the basic problem from which we all trouble in our houses and want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. So, that our home remains neat and clean. These bed bugs affect our home as well as our health. So, here in this article, I am going to give solution for this problem so that you all can get rid of these bed bugs and kick off them from your houses.


How to Get Rid of bed bugs


In this article I will discuss different solutions and aspects to get rid of these bed bugs. These bed bugs hide themselves in beds and they get feed of human blood. These bed bugs bite human and take blood. These bed bugs are not necessarily present on beds; they can also be there in other parts of houses like clothes, mattress, belongings etc. So, you need to be very careful about all the places. The basic solution we all can do is tried to clean your places daily. If there is mess in your house then there are high chances of bed bugs to enter into your house. There is one CHEMICAL FREE power that is Diatomaceous Earth you can use these powder also. Just spread this powder on the earth and this powder helps to kill these bed bugs.  Here, I will discuss to get rid of these bed bugs in a natural way, or how you can get rid of these by yourself or from home. By implementing these solutions the bed bugs will not be able to enter in your home again. Let’s begin with the topic.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bites


As I discussed above that these bed bugs bites human and feed human’s blood. These can be very much dangerous for the human health. These bed bugs bite causes itching in the infected area of the skin. These bites make a cluster of 3 to 5 bites. These bites are commonly at face, beck, arms, hands and feet or you can say naked area of your body. Many times you do not even realise that bed bugs have bite you.  And when these bites cause rashes and itching then you come to realise this thing. Firstly you need to wash the infected area with antiseptic soap. Then if it is itching a lot then you can apply ice pack on it. Use lemon juice with the help of cotton. Dip the cotton in the lemon juice and apply on the affected area. It will give relief very easily and within the few passage of time. Bt the precaution you need if you are using lemon juice is try to avoid outside as it can cause sunburn to the skin.


Method to get rid of bed bugs in the home


In home there are many ways by which these bed bugs enter your home and make their own places here. To get rid of these bed bugs you can simply use vacuum cleaner to clean your home. This simple thing is best solution for these bed bugs exit from your life. Then you can use double sided tape to around the bed’s bottom so that bed bugs get stuck on these. Bed bugs can’t live n cold temperature so you can you cold treatment to get rid of bed bugs.


How to kill Bedbugs from Mattress


Bed bugs easily hide themselves inside the mattress and can easily byte the person from here. So, to get rid of bad bugs from mattress you need to clean your mattress. For this purpose you can use Steam treatment. You can use this steam treatment for your carpets, cushions, mattress as it i difficult for bed bugs to survive in high temperature as well. As I said bed bugs can’t tolerate high temperature so in this case you can also use hair dryer. Just turn on the hair dryer and make its position towards mattress. Stiff brush is other instrument you can use. It is used to scrub the mattress and this will to remove the bed bugs and their eggs from the mattress. So, you can use these simple methods to get rid of bed bugs.


How to get rid of bed bugs for good


It is very much important to get rid of these bed bugs as soon as possible as these bed bugs unhygienic your home, can hide themselves anywhere. And results health issues to us. They can byte us which can cause infection on the skin. So, for the good purpose we all need to get rid of these bed bugs. There are many kinds of spray, powder; organic products available in the market to kill these bed bugs and which will do not affect our health as well. You can purchase these very easily from online store and from market also.


Get Rid of bed bugs yourself


You can also get rid of these bed bugs by yourself. You just need to follow the easy steps I have mentioned. You do not need to hire any services to spray in the home so that these bed bugs will kill and go out of home. You can do this work by yourself you just need to aware of spray which is used to kill bed bugs and if you don’t want to use this then there is lots of natural treatments as well which you can choose to kill bed bugs which I will discuss in below section. The spray which these service-men used consists of chemicals which I think one should avoid using.


Natural Ways to get rid of bed bugs 


There are many natural remedies you can use to get rid of these bed bugs. You can use the first you can use is Cayenne Pepper. You just need to add 1 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, ginger and oregano and mix these in water and spread this mixture around the area where bed bugs are. This is easy method to kill these bed bugs. You can also use INDIAN LILAC, Tea Tree Oil, Bean Leaves, and Mint Leaves etc. To kill these bed bugs. All these natural home remedies which you can use to get rid of these bed bugs. These natural remedies are very much effective and results positive within very less time. In case of powder and spray they consist of chemical which can also affect our health.  I think your first concern should be towards home remedies to kill these bed bugs and if you can’t use these easy home remedies than you can go for other options.


So, these are some easy steps you can use to show exit door to bed bugs. By using these simple remedies you can get rid of bed bugs for sure. Hope you all did like this article. Use these easy solutions and you can also share you r experience in the comment section also. And if you have any other further new idea regarding to get rid of these bed bugs then you can share you idea as well.

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